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Diseño de logotipos

Design and visual identity

A visual identity for a business refers to the set of visual and graphic elements that represent and distinguish a company, brand or business. These elements are designed in a coherent and consistent manner to transmit the personality, values and image of the company to its audience and clients.


In graphic design it refers to the process of creating and choosing the name or denomination of a brand, company, product or service. It is a fundamental part of a company's identity, since the name is the way in which it will be recognized and remembered by its audience.

Construction of the Brand or Logo

In graphic design it refers to the process of creating and designing the visual representation that will identify a company, brand or product. The logo is one of the most important elements of a company's visual identity, since it is the graphic image that identifies it and distinguishes it from others on the market.

Our jobs

Standard Package


  • Naming

  • Construction of the Brand or Logo (compositional variants)

  • Corporate colors (color variants)

  • Corporate typography

  • Correct use of the brand

  • 200 Business Cards (Includes Design)


Premium Package


  • Naming

  • Contrucción de la Marca o Logotipo
    (contrucción, área de protección, tamaño mínimo de reducción y variantes compositivas)

  •  Colores Corporativos 
    (variantes de color)

  •  Tipografía o Tipografías Corporativas

  • Código Gráfico

  • Uso correcto de la Marca

  • Aplicaciones de la Marca

  • Manual de Identidad 
    (recoge toda la información anterior en un libro PDF, con toda la información necesaria para el correcto uso de su marca).

  • Todos los editables de la marca y los diseños.

  • Propiedad de la Marca

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