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Global Golden Bulls

Your Business from 0 to 100 in USA








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Your business from 0 to 100

Developing your company in the US has never been easier. Now you can add a visual identity in line with the business values and develop your presence on the Internet through a Website.

Phase 1

Phase 1

Register your company

  • Name Reservation

  • Operating Agreement

  • EIN Application

  • Payment gateways

Phase 2

Design your LOGO

  • Identifier Variants

  • Business cards

  • Brand Kit

  • Identity Manual

Phase 3

Web development

  • Website design and creation

  • Hosting - Domain - Email

  • Maintenance

  • SEO

Phase 4


  • Marketing strategy

  • Hook

  • Content and Copywrite

  • Community Management

Don't know what phase your business is in?

Contact our team for an analysis of your business at no extra costs.


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Business consultation with Julien Perez
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About Global Golden Bulls LLC

''Growing up together'

We are a company that offers development services for Businesses or Individuals based in Florida. Starting a business from scratch with us has never been easier in the United States, to achieve this we combine our experience in web development, design, consulting and education to provide innovative solutions that drive the success of our clients.


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Julien Perez, CEO & Owner

Julien Perez, CEO & OWNER, Miami, FL.

''In the dynamic world of business, taking the first step can be as challenging as it is exciting. This is where our company becomes your strategic ally, transforming your ideas into successful companies. Specialized in taking businesses from 0 to 100, we are based on four fundamental pillars: business registration, visual identity, website and advertising. Our company specializes in transforming innovative concepts into thriving businesses, guiding clients from the initial idea to the full establishment and sustainable growth of their companies.''

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"Wealth begins from an idea, the amount is limited only by the person in whose mind that idea is set in motion, faith removes limitations".

Napoleon Hill

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